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Professional Development

Mindfulness Meditation

DMV Music Academy is a resource for music educators at the K-12 levels as well as the collegiate levels.

Workshops and clinics are customized to meet the needs of teachers who are interested in gaining further knowledge and skills that will facilitate their growth as educators and musicians.

Workshops for Instrumental Music Educators

Effectively Teaching Percussion for Instrumental Music Educators

Effectively Teaching and Introducing the Horn for Music Educators

Warm-up techniques

Breathing Techniques

Mental Focus

Instrument Maintenance & Repair

Instrument Purchasing/Rental

Selecting Diverse Repertoire

Ensemble Skills Development

Assessment Strategies


These topics coincide with the following MSDE mission operatives:

  • Assist every student to realize their potential.

  • Develop and support a strong accountability system to increase academic success for all students.

  • Promote a safe, healthy, and orderly environment for learning and teaching.

  • Ensure educator and administrative effectiveness.

  • Promote students’ physical, mental, social, and emotional well-being.

  • Expand high-quality educational opportunities for students and parents.

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