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Mindfulness Meditation


Cheryl Nkeba

Our Enrichment Programs are designed to feed the MInd, Body and Sprit.

Koru Mindfulness for Musicians

Cheryl Nkeba, Koru Mindfulness Instructor

This program was developed at Duke University with the intention of creating a mindfulness course that would be accessible to and relevant for young people. Duke students have found that they are more productive AND feel less stressed during and after taking the class. For more info, you might want to explore


The Duke classes are very popular and are always filled to capacity. In addition to Duke, Koru Mindfulness is now being taught on dozens of college campuses throughout the country and abroad.


As you probably know, mindfulness and meditation practices have been studied for many decades and the research has repeatedly shown that these practices improve both physical and emotional health.


During our 4-week class, students will be asked:

•          to commit to 10 minutes of practice each day.

•          to fill in a log recording their daily practice.


More information about Koru Mindfulness can be found here.

Mindfulness Meditation
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